0% Finance

Discover a radiant smile without the financial hurdles. We offer seamless 0% interest financing tailored to your needs. Our financing options make private dental treatments accessible. Costs vary, so let’s talk about creating a personalised plan that fits your budget. Your confident smile is closer than you think – contact us today and start your dental journey with Talbot Dental.

How it works

After your consultation the practice will send you a request by email or sms.

You click the link in the email and select the payment option that suits you best

The credit application is short and should take you about 2 minutes to complete

Finance calculator

Use the calculator below to see an example of your monthly payments – It only takes 2 minutes!


*All finance options are handled by Tabeo, who provides payment solutions for Talbot Dental. Find out more here.

Frequently asked questions

To apply you’ll need to get in touch with your practice and make arrangements to receive treatment. Typically, this will involve a consultation.

Once the practice recommends a treatment plan and you are happy with it the reception team will discuss payment options with you and send you an email with a link to start your credit application online.

The application will require you to answer a few simple questions including details about yourself such as age, home address, income and anything that might affect your monthly expenditure.

We do not review or make a decision on your loan application. This is done by Tabeo as loan servicer on behalf of the lender.

The application is done entirely online, so it can be completed in-practice or at home. You will receive a decision from Tabeo on whether or not you are approved instantly.

Your monthly payments are collected from your UK debit card.

Unfortunately we cannot accept credit cards or Amex, because this would constitute in financing credit with more credit.

The loan agreements involve three parties:

The borrower: This would be you.

The credit intermediary: The practice, in this case Talbot Dental.

The lender: This would be the company offering you the loan, The details of which will be provided to you with your loan offer.

Payments are taken once a month on a day of your choosing, but the first payment will always be taken upfront.

We will always make sure that there are at least 28 days between your first and your second payment, so in some cases, we might push your second payment to the following month.

After your loan starts, you will be able to change your payment day.

Things don’t always go according to plan, but if this ever happens and you end up missing a payment, you won’t be charged any extra fees for it.

You should note that missing loan repayments can adversely affect your credit score.

If you miss a payment, simply log back into your account and pay any outstanding amount.

If you have any difficulties making repayments, our team will always try and work out a repayment plan that suits what you are able to pay.

Tabeo provides payments solutions for Talbot Dental and many other healthcare businesses in the UK.

Tabeo may also act as credit broker and loan servicer, meaning that your loan will be written and managed entirely through Tabeo. Depending on your term and credit profile, Tabeo will only introduce you to one suitable lender.

Your loan agreement will specify if it is regulated. Unregulated agreements have fewer statutory protections.

* If you refer your application to a friend or family member, they will have fewer statutory protections than if you took out the loan yourself.

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